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Oak & Iron Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer Wichita Kansas

Veteran & Family-owned

Family owned by life long Kansans.  Minus our stints in college and the Marine Corps, we have lived in South Central Kansas most of our lives and have put down our roots right outside Mulvane, KS and LOVE the community our 4 children are growing up in!

end grain vs. board targets

You'll notice our targets look different from what you may see on google or at other area axe throwing establishments.  We use whats called an "end grain" target.  It's wood that has been cut to present the inside grain structure to the thrower rather than an upright board grain.

By presenting more grains for the axe to bite into it makes our target a little more forgiving to amateur and smaller stature throwers.  Made into a giant slab of thick wood our throwers should enjoy that satisfying "thud" more often so that you can concentrate on your accuracy and your trash talk!  They are more work to build but we think it will be a better experience for everyone!


  1. Waiver MUST be signed

  2. Closed toed shoes MUST be worn

  3. Throw together, retrieve together

  4. No weapon hand offs.

  5. One thrower per target

  6. No food or drinks on the trailer

  7. If you win it is recommended to give a victory roar to assert your prowess!

Axe Throwing Wichita Kansas Rental
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